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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gila-Gila Remaja

Ku jejak jalan yang berliku membawa jiwaku memburu impian.Ku mula dengan langkah ini menuju sinaran yang abadi.Itu adalah merupakan antara lirik lagu dari filem 'Gila-Gila Remaja' yang pernah terkenal pada zaman 80-an.Jadi kali ini saya ingin bercakap mengenai remaja memandangkan saya masih lagi merupakan remaja.Bagi saya perkataan gila-gila ini memang sinonim dengan kehidupan seorang individu yang bergelar remaja.Ini kerana pada waktu ini remaja mendapat kebebasan pertama mereka daripada ibu bapa.Jadi tidak hairanlah kalau ramai anak muda zaman sekarang dikatakan memberontak.Walau bagaimanapun bagi saya tidak semestinya remaja dilabel dengan status sedemikian,ini kerana kalau dilihat dari sudut positif remaja merupakan asas yang penting dalam pembentukan sesebuah negara yang maju.Jika remaja tidak diberi perhatian yang cukup maka tidak mustahil satu hari nanti Malaysia akan menjadi Malaya kembali.Menjadi remaja merupakan perkara paling indah yang pernah berlaku di dalam hidup saya dan dengan panduan yang betul,Insyaallah saya akan mencapai impian saya untuk bergelar sebagai golongan professional iaitu sebagai seorang jurutera dan juga usahawan yang berjaya

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daddy, I'm in love... and he looks just like you!

Men tend to wind up with life partners who look like their MOTHER, while a woman is lured to a partner who looks like her FATHER, scientists reported on Wednesday.
They measured 312 Hungarian adults from 52 different families using this method. Eachfamily included a couple, along with two sets of parents.

The researchers found a significant correlation in facial similarities between a woman's mate and her father, and also between a man's partner and his mother.

The team tested the model on faces that were randomly selected from the general population and repeated the experiment with a panel of judges, who also picked out the same pairings from randomly selected groups of photos.

Interestingly, men and women focused on different parts of the face when they home in on a potential mate, they found.

A man's lover and his mother tended to have similar fullness in the lips, width of mouth, as well as length and width of jaw.

But for women, the critical features were the distance between mouth and brow, the height of the face, distance between the eyes and the size of a man's nose.

The choices are driven less by psychology and socialisation and more by evolutionary pressures, suggests Bereczkei.

Too much genetic overlap -- as can happen with incest -- is an evolutionary no-no.

But seeking similar genetic traits "may confer individuals with additional adaptive advantages," he wrote.

It could increase the degree to which parents share genes with offspring, enhancing the genetic representation of future generations.

Finding similar partners might also help perpetuate genetic complexes that have evolved to adapt to a particular environment.

There may be an additional bonus, which probably has more to do with happiness than a genetic imperative.

"Human couples who are similar in physical and psychological characteristics are more likely to remain together than dissimilar partners, possibly leading to an increase in fertility," the study concludes.

The research appears in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The Royal Society is Britain's de-facto academy of sciences.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Alhamdulillah,aku berpuasa di bulan ramadhan tahun ini di Universiti Malaysia Pahang.Sesungguhnya aku merasakan puasa di tahun ini sangat menyeronokkan bagi diriku yang bergelaar mahasiswa.Bagiku Ramadhan merupakan satu bulan yang penuh dengan keberkatan dan nikmat yang sungguh banyak.Cuma ia bergantung kepada diri muslim atau muslimah itu sendiri untuk mengambil peluang atas kurniaan nikmat yang diturunkan oleh Allah.
Aku juga ingin berkongsi dengan para pembaca blog bahawa bulan Ramadhan bukanlah bulan untuk rehat lebih lama daripada biasa,malah kita hendaklah lebi banyak beristighfar dan membanyakkan selawat ke atas rasullullah serta menunaikan ibadat dengan lebih kerap agar diri kita dikurniakan dengan lebih banyak pahala serta ganjaran yang setimpal dari Allah.
Jadi kepada rakan-rakan serta umat islam seluruh dunia saya mengucapkan SELAMAT MENYAMBUT BULAN RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK dan semoga diri anda diberkati Allah,Insyaallah....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Barclays Premier League

Barclays Premier League(BPL) is started.The first fixture is ended and as the result my favourite team MANCHESTER UNITED FC is struggling to find his great rhythm due to the missing of key players such as Cristiano Ronaldo,Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez. It's so frustrated but i know Fergie know what he's doing and i believe this season will be the new team that will take on to continue the excellent performance by Man United player before this.So i hope everyone that view my blog please support my team and you know that in this past 3 or 4 seasons Man United is the best team in the world.GO UNITED! Glory Glory
Man United

Thursday, August 7, 2008


LOVE? What we all know about love?Is love is just the sharing of care between a men and a women
that willing to do anything for his girlfriend or boyfriend?Is love is all about sacrifice and
taking care of each other?Do you think that is the meaning of TRUE LOVE?So for me i
strongly disagree with that statement and I'm really want to express what is truly the meaning of love for me.Many people say that
their first love when they staring each other and make their heart pounding? But did you really notice that our first love is
coming from our own mother.She had to carry us 9 months and 10 days in her tummy just to brought us
into this wonderful and beautiful world.So don't you ever think again that beside your mother
there is another woman that is be your first love.For me after loving my mother of course my family
is the 2nd love that i been stick on for 19 years now.I only have 2 siblings,me and
my older brother.So including my father and my caring mother there just 4 of us that
staying at a FELDA somewhere at Pahang .So after they took care of me
day and night and now Alhamdulillah I'm now still pursuing my study at university level.About
love that I've been through all over my school,matriculation and university level there just
a little bit story about my love story.
So for me i take this as a unique experience as a person and
now it had help me to be more matured and know what is the true love.We can choose our life
partner but we can't choose another family like we have one.So family first and love them.
Love is pain.love is hatred.love can make you sick.But a true love will give you happiness ever after

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


In this life,there are a lot of thing that can be done with a colorful things but that will happen only if we know how to paint or decorate it at the right orientation.For me as a student at University Malaysia Pahang,it is my job to focus on study as my first priority but we must remember that no one can stand alone.I can convert this phrase into my study activities.What i mean is study is not all about study.A lot of things can be done along your studies like to throw two birds with one stone.
It means that the activities that you join along your life at your study place wil help you in increasing your pointer.For example if we had join sports activities,it will help to maintain our health and will effect also our brain to get more focus on study.But the most important thing in study is PRACTICE.Because from practice you will be more confident in taking test or quizzes.
And last but not least we must remember that everything we do we must back to the one and only,our creator.For me as a muslim we believe that Allah is the creator and this world is just one simple exam from Allah to us,sebagai pesuruhnya..........