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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


In this life,there are a lot of thing that can be done with a colorful things but that will happen only if we know how to paint or decorate it at the right orientation.For me as a student at University Malaysia Pahang,it is my job to focus on study as my first priority but we must remember that no one can stand alone.I can convert this phrase into my study activities.What i mean is study is not all about study.A lot of things can be done along your studies like to throw two birds with one stone.
It means that the activities that you join along your life at your study place wil help you in increasing your pointer.For example if we had join sports activities,it will help to maintain our health and will effect also our brain to get more focus on study.But the most important thing in study is PRACTICE.Because from practice you will be more confident in taking test or quizzes.
And last but not least we must remember that everything we do we must back to the one and only,our creator.For me as a muslim we believe that Allah is the creator and this world is just one simple exam from Allah to us,sebagai pesuruhnya..........


Coldfire said...

Bobbie is getting as a writer!!!
Keep up the good work, friend!!
Update your life into your blog!!!

Soon, we will be an engineer with experience as a writer...

sir kaede said...

~~~bob the builder; can we fix it!!
bob the builder; YES WE CAN!!