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Thursday, August 7, 2008


LOVE? What we all know about love?Is love is just the sharing of care between a men and a women
that willing to do anything for his girlfriend or boyfriend?Is love is all about sacrifice and
taking care of each other?Do you think that is the meaning of TRUE LOVE?So for me i
strongly disagree with that statement and I'm really want to express what is truly the meaning of love for me.Many people say that
their first love when they staring each other and make their heart pounding? But did you really notice that our first love is
coming from our own mother.She had to carry us 9 months and 10 days in her tummy just to brought us
into this wonderful and beautiful world.So don't you ever think again that beside your mother
there is another woman that is be your first love.For me after loving my mother of course my family
is the 2nd love that i been stick on for 19 years now.I only have 2 siblings,me and
my older brother.So including my father and my caring mother there just 4 of us that
staying at a FELDA somewhere at Pahang .So after they took care of me
day and night and now Alhamdulillah I'm now still pursuing my study at university level.About
love that I've been through all over my school,matriculation and university level there just
a little bit story about my love story.
So for me i take this as a unique experience as a person and
now it had help me to be more matured and know what is the true love.We can choose our life
partner but we can't choose another family like we have one.So family first and love them.
Love is pain.love is hatred.love can make you sick.But a true love will give you happiness ever after


IrKuys said...


makin comel bobbie skrg


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beLLe said...

walla bob~
stories bout love yeaaa
xmo cte details ke psl cinta zaman skola ko